Costa Rica Real Estate Rental Tips

March 24, 2009 - Now that the Costa Rica Real Estate Industry is slowing down due to the global economy, real estate rental is the hot item. People that were once looking to purchase a home in Costa Rica are now putting the purchase process on hold and are instead looking for rental property until the real estate prices have reached their lowest.

In Costa Rica, the real estate property rental laws are meant to protect the renter more then the renter. The basic contract will range from 6 months to 3 years.

If you do sign a three year contract, keep in mind that you are able to break the lease after one year and still get your deposit back unless the contract stipulates that you must stay for the full 3 years in order to get your deposit back.

If the contract does say that, then do not sign with them because it usually means that you will never see your deposit again.

Before you start looking for the perfect real estate property to rent in Costa Rica, some preparation is needed in order to find the home, apartment or condominium that will be suit your needs.

Spend some time working out what amenities you want like garage space, location to school, public transportations.

Not all utilities are available in Costa Rica. For example, some houses do not have a telephone line and it can take months before a phone line is installed in the house. So read the listing details well to make sure you get everything you want like internet, cable, telephone line and telephone number and such.

Also, Costa Rica does not have gas lines. If you like to cook using a gas oven, you are out of luck. For a gas stove, you can get a top stove unit with a gas tank.

In Costa Rica, when they mean unfurnished they mean that you also have to provide the furniture as well as the refrigerator, washing and drying machine and basically any appliances. Keep in mind that if you rent an older house or apartment, they may not have the necessary connection for a washing machine or dryer.

You can always bargain with the landlord before you decide to rent real estate in Costa Rica for him to add some furniture to the deal.

To find a good deal, you just need to use common sense and donate forget to make a list of everything that is not working and broken items in the house before you sign the lease and take possession of the property.

Allison Kim has been a freelance writer for over 3 years discussing several topics such as real estate, the economy and traveling. You can contact Allison Kim by sending her an email at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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